Desktop Sharing Guide: Best Practices

Desktop Sharing is when your viewers watch your entire desktop in real-time. Intro Guide to Desktop Sharing is here.

Here are some tips to successful desktop sharing:

Move slower than normal

Depending on your users. internet connection, there is a 2-6 second delay between what is on your screen, and what your users see.
* Move your mouse half as fast as you normally would. In Public Speaking classes they tell you to speak half as fast as you normally would. Same thing with moving your mouse.
* After screen changes (like opening a new window), count to 4 in your head, before continuing your presentation.

Use your mouse wisely

Users whose screens are smaller then yours, will pan side to side, top to bottom, to follow your mouse. You can advise the to change the Zoom to “SHOW ALL” if they don’t want the panning to occur. If you have a large screen, and you want people to see the lower right corner of your desktop, move your mouse there. Since users. screens pan towards your mouse, dont.t move around erraticly.

Check in with your users

Every few minutes, stop to make sure you users are following you, and understand.

Get the Vyew Accelerator

If you do a lot of desktop sharing, consider installing the Vyew Accelerator, which will give you better latency times.

Reduce your monitor resolution

If you want to users to be able to read text on the screen by seeing your presentation at 100% zoom, without having to pan, consider lowering your monitor resolution (to 1024×768 or 800×600), so that less pixels will be broadcast to your viewers.

Blurry text?

Desktop sharing imaging is optimized for speed, so sometimes small text may look blurry to viewers. If you are specifically showing text, here are some ideas:
. Make the text larger on your screen
. Advise viewers to keep their zoom at 100% (not at .Show All”)
. Use ScreenCapture to capture a section of your desktop into your VyewBook

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