Quizzing / Polling in a VyewBook

The Quiz/Poll plugin allows you to setup a survey, quiz, or test to all users in your VyewBook to vote on items or answer questions. The results are then available to Owners of that Vyewbook.

Setting up a Quiz/Poll

1. In your VyewBook, click on the Plugin button (puzzle piece icon in top row of buttons)

2. To make the Quiz Interface bigger, click the “Wrench” icon. This will create draggable “handles” on each corner of the Quiz plugin, which you can drag out.

3. Name the quiz, select the type: Poll / Quiz, and enter Questions/Answers. You can add more choices, and you can add more questions.
Be sure to select which answer is the correct answer (if you are creating a Quiz)

Viewing answers of a Quiz

As the owner, click on the Quiz, and click “EDIT” in the upper right corner. Then click “RESULTS” near the middle-top of the Quiz plugin.

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