I get an error loading a page: “Delete page error”

This error occurs for 2 different reaons:

  • If some content on that page has crashed or caused an infinite loop in the browser, you may need to delete the page and re-create it.  This may occur if there is a bug in some outside flash content you have loaded, or a bug in one of our plugins.
  • If, the last time you opened this VyewBook, you closed your browser while a page was still in the middle of loading, Vyew may think that the page crashed, when it really didn’t. If this is the case, try continueing on. If the browser does crash, then reload the page, and Delete It.
Recommended Solution:

Try Continueing and make a note of which page you got that error on. If your browser becomse slow or unresponsive, refresh, and next time you see that error, Delete the Page. If you have super important information on that page that you must recover, please contact support for help.

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