Whats the Lobby? What happens users try to access a VyewBook that is locked?

In both cases, persons will be referred to your Public Lobby. If you are logged-in to your account when this happens, you will receive a notice in the Userlist and can choose to immediately bring that person into the VyewBook you are currently working on.

Persons in your Public Lobby can text chat with you and they can also go through any VyewBook you have chooses to list in the Public Lobby.
To make a book “Public” for access in your Public Lobby, click VyewBook Settings under the “Book” menu and check the “List in my Public Lobby” check-box and click “OK”:

That VyewBook will be shown as “Public” in your “My Home > My VyewBooks” dashboard and made available in your Public Lobby. Here’s an example:

NOTE: You can choose to send people to your Public Lobby in the case that you need to schedule and provide details for a meeting but have not yet created or completed the VyewBook for that meeting. Simply provide your attendees a direct link to your session (http://www.vyew.com/YOURROOM#/) -or- invite them via Invite People in the Userlist but set your VyewBook Permission Status to “Owner Only”. When they try to join your session or VyewBook, they’ll be referred to your Public Lobby.

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