Why wont my file upload into Vyew?

We work hard in order to try and be able to convert every possible file you try to upload, but sometimes we get stuck and cannot load your file. Here are a few things to watch out for:

  1. Make sure it is a file type that we support. Currently we support the following: Microsoft Office (DOC, PPT, XLS), Microsoft Office 2007 (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX), Adobe PDF, Open Office (ODT, ODP, ODS), Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP), Text (TXT), MP3
  2. The maximum file size is 30MB. But we recommend you keep your files under 10MB, since smaller files will load quicker and be more likely to work
  3. We cannot open your file if you have a password on it. Ensure that you can open the file without being asked for a password
  4. Perhaps your file is corrupted: Are you able to open the file yourself on your own PC with no errors?
  5. If it is a PDF file, make sure you did not disable printing. Sometimes people will publish a PDF with printing disabled, this prevents our conversion system from working.
  6. You could try opening the file on your local desktop, and then doing a Save As… to a new file. Sometimes this will resolve any errors
  7. If it is a PPTX, DOCX, or XLSX file, you can try saving it instead as an Office 97/2003 file (PPT, DOC, XLS). NOTE: You actually have to open it, and then save it while changing the file type. Simply renaming the file will NOT work.
  8. Make sure there are not too many pages in the document…check your Account Settings to see what your limit is (as of writing, it is 50 pages for free accounts, 100 for plus accounts, and 300 for professional accounts)

If your file still wont upload, you can send it to us via email, and we can help you troubleshoot it. Please send it to support@vyew.com.

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