Can Vyew be used as a Review/Approval tool?

You can think of Vyew collaboration as red-lining a printed page, except in an online meeting.

Uploaded files such as word docs, autocad images, jpegs, etc cannot be edited directly,

only drawn OVER. You can draw over, write text over, add sticky notes, or add other documents (doc,excel,jpg,png,swf,ppt,pdf,etc).

Collaborators can then alter, delete, or edit previously mark ups.

Other users who can be set as a “reviewer” permission level,

they can only add/alter their own markups, not anyone elses.

Once a collaboration session has come to a conclusion, the owner of the document

then takes the notes into consideration, and edits the original document on his/her own computer,

then re-uploads to vyew for the next round of revisions/approvals.

Aside from technological complexities of varying document formats, in most cases, allowing a multitude of people to edit

an original document online quickly becomes chaotic. We have thought about adding this feature, but it remains on the back burner.

In our view, the most efficient way to review is to allow people to mark over the document, and not edit it directly.

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