How do I get people into a VyewBook Meeting?

Besides inviting them, you can also email people yourself with the URL of the VyewBook meeting.

When you enter into a VyewBook, look at the browser URL address bar. The url would look something like this:

For simplicity, this url is exactly the same as this one:

(You can eliminate the “room#” part, when emailing)


Your access control must be setup correctly for this to work

Access Control

Each VyewBook meeting has its own “Access Control” settings which are accessable in the UserList, or in the


In order to allow users to come in directly to a VyewBook without being invited, set the “VyewBook Access” to “Open to Anyone”.

To be safe, however, you should also set “Default Usertype” to “Viewer”.  This is the lowest permission group.

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