Desktop Sharing: How to show people other programs on my desktop/screen


Vyew’s Desktop Sharing allows users to broadcast their screen to anyone in their Vyew Meeting. They will see your mouse move, and any windows which are visible to you, will be visible to them. Windows which are minimized or in the background will not be accessable to them. Also, people viewing your screen will not be allowed to control your computer. View does not allow remote control. If you are using Vyew’s push-to-talk VOIP, or teleconferencing option, you can continue to use this while desktop sharing.

Getting Started

Once inside a VyewBook, click on the Desktop Sharing tab to begin sharing everything on your screen.

Vyew will then load a Java applet which will begin sharing your screen. (See here for troubleshooting Java).

Once your screen is sharing, you can minimize Vyew and navigate to any programs or websites you wish to show your viewers.

When you navigate to a new window, it will take 2-4 seconds for your screen to show up on your viewers screen, so take this into account when speaking about a new screen that came up. Pause 3 or 4 seconds after screen changes so that your followers screens can catch up. Since some users with different screen resolutions than you may zoom in, move your mouse slower than normal so that their auto-panning will not be erratic.

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