Is Vyew secure?

Yes, the shopping cart where you enter your credit card info, and the login pages are SSL Encrypted.

We are a verified merchant with

Regarding your data, it is stored in our database, locked in a steel cabinet within in a protected datacenter. Electronically, no one has access to it except our database administrators and you (after you login to Vyew).

Are Vyew Meetings securely encrypted?

The Vyew meetings on this website are not SSL encrypted, although it would be extremely difficult for someone to sniff out network traffic and re-assemble your Vyew Meeting. Email itself is not secure at all, but Vyew is at least more secure (or tougher to intecept) than Email. We sell an enterprise appliance which is fully secure which has been approved and in use by departments of the U.S. Government.

A fully secure version of’s online offerings will be available soon.

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