How do I upgrade/change account or credit card info?

You can upgrade or change account settings of your account anytime via Account Settings under the Main Menu:

Next, click on one of the “Edit” buttons or specific setting change options:

NOTE: Make sure you click “Submit” after making any changes to ensure your changes are saved.

NOTE: If you have a paid account with us, your billing address and name will be visible, however, for security reasons, we do not allow you to change your credit card number within the Vyew system. To do this, click on the “Upgrade Add-Ons” link in the “Account Settings” window and continue through the upgrade process without adding any add-ons. When you reach the “Billing Info” step, input your new billing information, click “Continue”. At this point, your new billing information will be securely saved and you can exit the upgrade process without receiving any charges.

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