I get an “i/o error” when i import a file from my computer

An I/O Error means that the Flash plugin cannot read the file you are trying to upload from your machine.

This error may occur for three possible reasons:

  1. No permission to open that file or file is locked. Maybe this file is opened by another program? Maybe your windows login has no permission to access that file? Try copying that file to another directory… if you get an error while copying it, then it is one of the 3 problems just listed.
  2. The file was on a network drive. Copy or move that file to a local drive and try again.
  3. Unknown problem. We know that I/O means it is a problem on your machine, not with Vyew. There are various other reasons why flash may not be able to read a file. Could it be corrupted? Sometimes files get locked for strange reasons, rebooting may solve it.

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