Publishing/embeding a VyewBook to a blog/website

How to publish/embed VyewBooks for presentation outside of Vyew

There are two styles of embedding:

Publishing a read-only version of your VyewBook

Some users choose to present their VyewBooks using their own website. By publishing a VyewBook, a read-only copy is made which can be viewed by anyone or embedded into a website.

  1. Open a VyewBook
  2. Select the Book drop-down menu. Then select the publish button.
  3. image

  4. Adjust the height and width settings to your satisfaction. Then select Publish.
  5. You will now be presented with a new link to the VyewBook, and a snippet of HTML code which you can paste into your website, blog, myspace or facebook.

  6. Go back to the My Home tab. You will see your book has been _Published below the Vyew Book itself, in case you want to edit or delete it. 


  7. When you select this link, Published Book Options will open up, the code provided can be used in any webpage to embed your Vyew book inside your pages.

    Vyew Books can be unpublished by:

    • Simply selecting the published book you wish to delete (see above), and hitting the Delete button.

    Publishing a fully editable version of your VyewBook

    You can also publish the fully editable version of your VyewBook into a website or blog.

    • Find the full MeetingID of the VyewBook you wish to embed – Go into the VyewBook and you will see the meetingID at the end the title bar of your browser. It will look like this: (XXXX_XXXXXX), where X is a number.
    • Paste this code into your website or blog:
            <iframe src="" style="width:WIDTH_HERE; height:HEIGHT_HERE;"></iframe>

    Replace the XXXX_XXXX with your MeetingID, and replace the WIDTH_HERE and HEIGHT_HERE with a pixel value or percentage value, such as:

          width:500px; height:400px;
          width:100%; height:90%;

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