Conducting an eSeminar/Webinar

I noticed there was a lack of info about Webinars, here is a first hack at it. Send me comments below if you need clarification/questions.

Conferencing/Webinars vs. Collaboration
  • Web Conferences, Webinars, and Web Meetings, usually consist of one or a few people moderating or presenting to 5, 10 or hundreds of people (See participant limit below)
  • Collaboration on the other hand, is more of a collective effort to create or edit content. Collaboration can take place in live in real-time, or over time, at each users convenience.
Conferencing and Collaboration in Vyew
  • Vyew provides features for both types of meetings (conferencing and collaboration). We sometimes refer to this as Synchronous (at the same time) and Asynchronous (anytime)
  • Vyew provides multi-format uploads, whiteboarding, desktop sharing, screen capture, Voice-Over-IP, Video, and Teleconferencing. (Full Feature List)

  • Participant limits: Free registered users have a limit of 10 people, the highest paid account has a limit of 80 people. (Pricing/Limit page)
The VyewBook
A VyewBook is where meetings take place. It holds content (powerpoints, images, drawings, video, audio, pdfs, etc), and stores all content indefinitely, until a user deletes it. Each VyewBook has its own unique URL; if you give someone that URL they are automatically brought into the VyewBook (You can control their user permissions).
Preparing for a Webinar
  • Create a VyewBook and upload content into it
  • You can re-arrange pages of your content, such that an image can be loaded onto one of your powerpoints, or a word doc can be inserted between pages of a pdf
Send out Invitations (or the URL link)
  • Invitations: Vyew provides an Invitation Manager so you can invite people specifically and manage what rights they have when they come in. (Click “Invite People” in the UserList pod)
  • Emailing a direct link: Each VyewBook has its own URL. If you go into a VyewBook, copy that URL, and email it out to as many people as you want. Depending on the VyewBook Access Control settings, people without invitations may now enter your Vyewbook.
  • When emailing a VyewBook Link:
    1. VyewBook Access Control settings — If you want people to come into it without invitations, set the Access Control to: “Open to Anyone” (Set access control in the UserList pod, or Book Menu / VyewBook Settings
    2. Default User Type — When people come in that are not invited, they’re usertype, which determines what they can and can’t do, can be set to a Viewer (can only look), Reviewer (can only add content, not delete), Collaborator (can add and delete content), or Moderator (Can do everything, including change other people’s rights).

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