Controlling access to your VyewBooks

In the Userlist there is a Access Control toggle with an icon that looks like a padlock. Click on this to set the general Access Control setting for the VyewBook:

Invites Only – Default
VyewBooks are secure-by-default, set the “Invites Only” when created. When set to this, only the persons you invite via Invite People will have access to the VyewBook.

Open to Anyone
To let everyone access your VyewBook anytime, you can set it to “Open to Anyone” which will effectively leave your VyewBook unlocked. Unlocking your VyewBook by leaving it set to “Open to Anyone” will give even non-invited “Guests” access to your VyewBook when they navigate to the VyewBook’s URL. (See “Guests” below)

Owner Only
VyewBooks set to “Owner Only” can only be accessed by the owner – the person who created the VyewBook.

NOTE: If you invite people to a VyewBook then change the Access Control setting to “Owner Only”, those invites will not be let in and will be referred to your Public Lobby (see below).

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