MP3 Player: Importing Audio

There are three ways to import Audio into a VyewBook:

  • Upload an MP3 (30Mb max) — Best for music, or narration for a presentation. To do so, in your VyewBook click the IMPORT button in the upper left area. Upload an MP3 from your computer, or paste in a link to one (in the advanced section). This will cause an MP3 player to appear on that VyewBook page. If you VyewBook is in SYNC MODE, when you click Play, the MP3 will play for everyone in your meeting.
  • Loading a Video (with sound)
    In the VyewBook, goto the Plugin Menu (puzzle piece icon in the top toolbar), select the MP3 Player.

  • Recording a Voicenote — Record audio directly into your VyewBook. (Learn more)

Loading an MP3

When loading an MP3 in the MP3 Player, you must specify a URL to where the MP3 is located. That means that the MP3 file must already be hosted on another server.
An example of a url would be:

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