How do I end a VyewBook Meeting?

When you have finished your session, you can simply navigate away from Vyew or close the browser window Vyew is in. You can also use the End Session function, which gives your more options. When collaborating on sensitive content, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of using this feature when you leave Vyew:

1. Click on “Main Menu”
2. Select “End Session”

3. From there, you will have four (4) options. Select all that apply and click “OK”:

*Logout: This will just you out of the current session: Your invited participants and “Guests” will continue to have access to your VyewBook. NOTE: This will force a logout of Vyew, even if you previously checked “Keep me logged in” when you logged in.
*Set Access Control: This gives you an opportunity to change the Access Control setting for the VyewBook before you end your participation in the setting.
*Disconnect All Participants:This will force a disconnect of all persons currently in your VyewBook, including invited persons.
*Clear all date: This will permanently delete everything in the VyewBook upon your exit from the session.

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