Vyew Interface Themes

1. How do I set-up a Custom Color Theme?

Login to Vyew, then go to Main Menu / Edit Color Theme. Choose a theme along the left of the Color Theme interface. Once you have chosen one, a preview will appear. Click “Apply Theme” and your chosen Color Theme will be applied to all of your Vyew Rooms (and also Published ‘Vyewlets’).

2. How long does it take to set-up a Custom Color Theme?

From just a few seconds up to as long as you’d like to get it just right.

3. How will my Custom Color Theme be applied?

Simply complete the simple steps above and your Custom Color Theme will be automatically applied to all of your Vyew Rooms (and Vyewlets).

4. What colors can I use?

The Vyew Custom Color Theme tool provides color swatches to make applying custom colors to the user interface quick and easy. You can also use Hex values.

5. Can I change my Custom Color Theme?

Yes, you can change your Custom Color Theme anytime by repeating the steps above.

6. Can I save my Custom Color Theme?

Yes, you can save your Custom Color Theme by name when created. You can then switch between different Custom Color Themes you have created. Subscribers that purchase the Custom Color Theme Add-on can save up to 20 color themes, switching between them any time.

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