VOIP & Webcam BETA notice

This pod has not been tested with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

If your Webcam or Microphone doesn’t work follow these setup procedures.

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  1. Sue Wilhite says:

    I am using a mac mini, with OS 10.4.11, and on Firefox 3.6. I’m using a kind of generic webcam, that works just fine with Skype, but Vyew doesn’t seem to be able to display images from it. It claims to detect it, but there’s just a blank white space. When I tried to click on the “setup procedures” above, the link is very, very broken. Hovering over it with the mouse reveals “/link/6882″ and clicking on it takes me nowhere. I realize it’s beta, but maybe a bit more documentation would be good.



    Can you try that link again… http://vyew.com/link/6882
    Its supposed to forward to:

    To answer your question: Macs usually have about 3 or 4 devices listed as “webcams”, so you need to pick the correct one in your flash settings.
    See this article about that: http://vyew.com/link/13312


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