Uploading Flash Apps into Vyew

You can load Flash Applications into Vyew, but there are a few restrictions and things to think about.

  • Do not use any of these keywords in your Flash Actionscript code:
    • _level0.
    • _global.
    • _root. (_root can only be used if .lockroot=true)
  • If you are referencing/loading any outside assets, such images, or other Flash modules, you must use an absolute path, ie. load(“http://mydomain.com/something.jpg”), instead of load(“/something.jpg”)
  • If you are loading assets from another domain, you must add a crossdomain file to that domain to allow access from “http://data.vyew.com” (See cross domain section below)

What if I’m not sure about all that stuff?

You can just try to upload your app and see what happens.

  1. In your Vyew Room, click IMPORT
  2. Select the SWF file to load and MAKE SURE “Interactive Object” checkbox IS CHECKED.

How do I synchronize my Flash App among other Vyew Users in my meeting room?

It is possible to sync actions, for example, when one user clicks a button, the action takes place on all users in the room. To do so you must take advantage of the Vyew Client-side API. Read more.

Crossdomain Resources

To setup a crossdomain allowance, you must put a crossdomain.xml file into the root of your domain. See this example crossdomain.

More info on crossdomain.

What is the Vyew API and where do I start?

The Vyew API (Application Programming Interface) allows other web applications to integrate with Vyew. This includes passing content into a Vyew Room, creating/managing meetings, sending users into a meeting, and more…


To learn more about the server-side API and how to get started, go here:




Can I build a plugin for Vyew in Actionscript 3 (AS3)?

Coming soon…

As of now, no, you must build Vyew Plugins in AS2 (Actionscript 2).
We are currently in the process of upgrading Vyew to AS3. We hope to have this released by May 2010. At that time you will be able to.

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