Overview of Branding Options

If you have a Plus or Pro account, Vyew can be customized in these ways:

Custom UI Color Theme

Besides the 5 free custom color presets, change the color of your Vyew interface to exactly match your brand or logo. Available for Plus and Pro accounts. More info »

Custom Meeting URL

Instead of a default direct meeting room link (e.g. “http://vyew.com/542687/meetingnotes”), customize it (e.g. “http://vyew.com/john/meetingnotes”). Available for Plus and Pro accounts.

  • Access Vyew Rooms faster – A custom meeting URL is easier to remember. Jump straight into your room.
  • Share Vyew Rooms without formal invitations – Set a room’s access control to “Open to Anyone” or “Private with Password”, and easily email a direct URL to someone without inviting them.
  • Start impromptu meetings easier – On the phone, trying to explain a concept? Just give them your easy-to-remember meeting URL and you can both be in a meeting, sketching the concept in about 10 seconds.

Logo Banner

Place your 468×60 pixel logo in the upper right area of Vyew, where the ads normally go for free accounts. Available for Pro accounts only. More info »

Private Labeling

Replace the Vyew logo with your own. (Small “Powered by Vyew” text must still be visible). Host meetings in your own web collaboration product, or resell it to your customers. Please contact business development for more info.

Set-up or change Custom Room Name

If you purchased this optional Add-on, you can set it up or change it by clicking on “Account Settings” under the “Main Menu”, then click on “Edit” next to “Custom Room ID”. Enter your desired Custom Room ID, then click “Submit”. Refresh your browser window and your Vyew room will resolve to a URL with your Custom Room ID:


Note: Your Vyew Rooms will also resolve by name when you set-up a Custom Room ID.

Custom Room ID FAQs >>

Setting up a Custom Color Theme

If you have added the Custom Color Theme Add-on to your subscription, you will be allowed to customize a color theme to your liking.

1. Login to your account

2. click on “main menu”

3. click on “edit color theme”

Follow the steps above, then simply click the “Edit” button next to one of the standard color themes and use the eye dropper color tool or enter hex values to customize the color of each section of the user interface. You can save up to 20 Custom Color Themes by name, and switch between them any time.

Note: At this time you cannot change the text colors within the interface. This feature is coming soon. In the meantime, most text defaults to BLACK. Please consider using only light colored themes to ensure that the black text will be seen by your participants.

Custom Color Themes FAQs >>

Setting up a Custom Logo Banner

Users who have the “Custom Logo Banner” upgrade may have their logo installed into their meeting room. The logo takes the place of where advertisement banners normally go in free accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to set-up a Custom Ad?

Please allow up to 24 hours for your logo to be activated after submitted.

2. Who will see my Custom Ad?

Once activated, your logo will appear in the top margin of all your Vyew Rooms viewed by all participants.

3. Can I submit an animated GIF file or Flash file?

Yes, you can submit an animated GIF or Flash file for your Custom Ad, but is discouraged. This could be distracting from your web meetings.

4. Can I submit a Custom Ad of a dimension other than 468×60?

Yes, you can submit a logo of any dimension up to a maximum of 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high. For example, you can submit a 234×60, 120×60, 88×31 and so forth.

5. Can I change my Custom Ad?

Yes, you can change your Custom Ad. Simply send us an email with the updated ad as an attachment to support@vyew with the subject line “Logo Banner Change”. Please allow up to 48 hours for logo changes.


How to set up your Logo Banner

You must have a Pro account to submit a Logo Banner. To get one, register or upgrade and select “Custom Banner” in the Add-ons section.

Getting the banner ready to submit

  1. Create your logo in a photo editing program with the maximum dimensions of 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.
  2. Save the ad as a JPEG file.
  3. Email the logo as an attachment with your vyew login email address to support@vyew with the subject line of “Custom Logo Setup”.

Sample banners:

Setting up a Custom Logo Banner

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