The stamp tool (discontinued)

The stamp tool has been discontinued. We would like to eventually build this feature in to Vyew 4 , but we are busy focusing on other features. We apologize for the inconvenience. If this feature is a deal break for you, please let us know by voting for it in our feedback section.



Using the selection tool

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Using Vyew’s Drawing Tools

The Whiteboard Tool Palette

Click on the “Pen” icon at the left of Vyew to open.

Note: Users with Viewer permissions cannot draw and will not see the whiteboard tool palette.


  • Edit Menu edit – Undo, cut/copy/paste, clear page or selected items, filter objects by user, and more.
  • Selection Toolselection – Move and modify objects.
  • Line Toolspen – Draw freehand and highlight on the Vyew Room whiteboard with color and width options, or straight lines with color, width and arrowhead options.
  • Text Tooltext – Insert text with color, font, size, bold, italics and underline options.
  • “Sticky Note” ToolstickyNote – Post text or voice comments and start a discussion.
  • Shape Toolsshapes – Draw rectangles and ellipses with border color, border width, and fill color options.
  • Delete Tooleraser – Delete any object, depending on user permissions.

editEdit menu


  • Undo several levels.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Duplicate Page
  • Clear Page – Remove multiple objects by type. Not undoable!
  • Delete Page – Remove an entire page and it’s contents. Not undoable!
  • Unlock all Objects – See the Lock tool in Manipulating Content.
  • Filter Object – View objects by creator for easier manipulation.
Filter Objects

Filter Objects

selectionSelect Tool

See a Video Tutorial about the Selection Tool.


Click and drag a box around the objects you wish to select.

Modifying Objects

Depending on the type, you may copy, rotate, resize and more. See Manipulating Content.

penIconLine Tools


  • penIcon The Pen icon opens three tools:

    • freehand Freehand
    • highlighter Highlighter
    • straightLine Straight Line – click arrowhead to add an arrowhead.
  • color Color Palette

  • widthPresets Line Width – 4 presets: 3, 5, 9 and 15 pixels. Click widthFine for fine control between 1 and 50 pixels.

  • arrowhead Arrowhead – for straight line tool only.

Text Tooltext


  • Six font choices: Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana.
  • 13 font sizes between 8 and 96 pixels.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline.
  • Color palette.
  • Click the Save icon, or type CTRL-s to leave text editing mode.

“Sticky Note” ToolstickyNote

  • Text Comments – Type text then click Save.
  • Audio Comments -
    1. voiceComment1Click the red circle to begin recording.

      If the Adobe Flash Player Settings box pops up, select Allow, check Remember, then click Close.flashSettings
    2. voiceComment2Click the black square to stop recording and save.

    3. voiceComment3To play back, open the comment and click on the “cell phone” icon.

  • commentFlagsHave replies emailed to you.
  • Add flags: To Do, Done, Question, or Favorite.

  • commentsSideBarClick the button near the right center of Vyew to open the comments side bar to see multiple comments.

  • commentFilterAt the top, you can filter by user, date or flag; search by term; or display a summary page.

Shape Toolsshapes


  • The Shape icon opens two tools:

    • Square
    • Ellipse
  • Border and Fill Color Palettes
  • Border Width – 4 presets: 3, 5, 9 and 15 pixels. Click widthFine for fine control between 1 and 50 pixels.

Delete Tooleraser

Hover the Delete Tool over an object. The object will highlight red. Click to delete.

For an “eraser” effect, use a Pen tool set to white with a relatively wide width.

Hide Your Cursor


  • Room owners have their mouse position broadcast to everyone by default. Turn this off by selecting Hide my mouse pointer from others from the UserList pod dropdown.
  • Collaborators and Moderators may choose to turn this on.

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