How do I use the Equation Editor (Math Symbols)

The equation editor allows you to easily build nice-looking mathematical equations. It is designed to work very similarly to the Equation Editor in Microsoft Office 2007, so if you’ve used that, this should be simple to understand. Note that it does not actually do any calculations, it is purely for display only.

The Equation Editor is a plug-in. To open it, in a Vyew Room, goto the EDIT menu > Insert Plug-in (or use the Plugin shortcut along the top toolbar that looks like a puzzle-piece icon).

  1. Click the ‘Pencil’ icon to edit
  2. The buttons across the top open different symbol palettes
  3. Click on a symbol to add that symbol to your current equation
  4. You can also type on your keyboard to add to your equation
  5. Blue rectangles are placeholders. Click on them, and then add symbols by typing or selecting symbols from the toolbar
  6. You can select a portion of your equation and then use the buttons across the botton to Copy, Cut, or Paste.
  7. IMPORTANT: You MUST click ‘SAVE’ or your equation will not be saved! Also, nobody else can see what you’ve entered until you save it.

When you are done editing, either click ‘HIDE’ or click the red X, to hide the editor, and only display the equation.

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Using Vyew while teaching a class

Using Vyew during class

You can use Vyew to load a powerpoint or presentation of your daily teaching outline. If questions come up you can make notes or use the whiteboard to explain. This also allows students who are out sick or not able to come to class, to attend and listen/watch the class.

After class is over

Once class is over, you can make a duplicate of the room and make the URL public, so students can come back in later to continue discussions, make notes or ask questions. You can also publish a read-only version which you can embed into a website or blog.

Any other suggestions, ideas or questions

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