How to export comments (sticky notes) from a Room

In the future we plan to make this easier. Sorry that it’s a little complicated.
NOTE: This currently does not work in Vyew 4.0 BETA

This tutorial will show you how to export all comments in a Vyew Room into a Word document

1. When inside the Room, open up the comments sidebar (If it’s not open, it will be a button at the upper right corner of the page).

Click to open sidebar

Click to open sidebar

2. Click on the “Comments Summary” icon

3.Click on the “Text Only” option in the upper right corner

4. Once you see all the text on the screen, select all the text by dragging your mouse or pressing CONTROL-A (or APPLE-A).

5. Press CONTROL-C (or APPLE-C) to copy the text

6. Open Word and paste the text.

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