Graphing Calculator Overview

Click “Edit” to enter new functions or edit previously entered ones.

Click “Enter” to display.

The buttons at the upper left control zoom, and calculates the intersections of two or more functions.

You can click and drag the graph to move.

Available Functions

neg(), abs(), sign(), !
ln(), log(), exp(), pow()
sin(), cos(), tan(), cot(), sec(), csc()
asin(), acos(), atan(), acot(), asec(), acsc(),
sinh(), cosh(), tanh(), coth(), sech(), csch()
asinh(), acosh(), atanh(), acoth(), asech(), acsch()

They all take one argument, except pow() which takes 2.

The constants ‘e’ and ‘pi’ are available.

‘|x|’ is the same as ‘abs(x)’.
‘x^2′ is the same as ‘pow(x,2)’.
‘exp(x)’ is the same as ‘e^x’ or ‘pow(e,x)’.
‘x!’ is x factorial.


To graph multiple functions, separate them with a semicolon (‘;’). For example:

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