Opening/Closing the Sidebar (for everyone)


Minimizer (Fig. A)

You can open/close the sidebar for your own view, or for all users. This will free up space for the meeting area if you do not need chat or webcam.

Opening/Closing for just you

Click the minimizer button to open and close (See Figure A).

Opening/Closing for everyone

To close the sidebar for everyone in your room, just roll over the minimizer button. A tooltip will popup then click “Close for all users.” To open, do the same thing: roll over it, then click “Open for all users.”


IMPORTANT. Only Owners and Moderators can open/close the sidebar for everyone. (More about User Roles)

Set-up or change Custom Room Name

If you purchased this optional Add-on, you can set it up or change it by clicking on “Account Settings” under the “Main Menu”, then click on “Edit” next to “Custom Room ID”. Enter your desired Custom Room ID, then click “Submit”. Refresh your browser window and your Vyew room will resolve to a URL with your Custom Room ID:

Note: Your Vyew Rooms will also resolve by name when you set-up a Custom Room ID.

Custom Room ID FAQs >>

Setting up a Custom Color Theme

If you have added the Custom Color Theme Add-on to your subscription, you will be allowed to customize a color theme to your liking.

1. Login to your account

2. click on “main menu”

3. click on “edit color theme”

Follow the steps above, then simply click the “Edit” button next to one of the standard color themes and use the eye dropper color tool or enter hex values to customize the color of each section of the user interface. You can save up to 20 Custom Color Themes by name, and switch between them any time.

Note: At this time you cannot change the text colors within the interface. This feature is coming soon. In the meantime, most text defaults to BLACK. Please consider using only light colored themes to ensure that the black text will be seen by your participants.

Custom Color Themes FAQs >>

How to Use VoIP (Talk button)

The VOIP (Push To Talk Button) utilizes Adobe Flash’s built-in audio codec to send audio from your computer mic to the headset of anyone in your meeting room.

Allowing Flash to access your Microphone

The first time you use VoIP, you will be asked to allow Flash access to your mic. See this troubleshooting guide for more information.

Duplex Audio

Up to 4 people can use their mics at the same time, but everyone in your room will be able to hear. Anyone else will have to wait for one person to turn off their mic before they will be able to use theirs.

Quality Settings

If some of your meeting attendees experience audio drop outs, garbled sound, or distortion, try stopping your mic, changing to a lower quality setting, then resuming.

Approximate bandwidth usage for VoIP:

  • Low – 10-20 Kbps
  • Regular – 15-30 Kbps
  • High – 25-45 Kbps

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