My powerpoint file gets cut off or cropped

Vyew import is based on how the file looks when it is printed. If it looks wrong in Vyew, chances are it would look wrong when you try to print it.

  • It’s possible the content extends beyond the borders of the page, in your powerpoint file.
  • Open the powerpoint file and check the Print Preview. Does it look cut off there? If so, scale down the content.
  • If its a .PPTX, try saving it as the older version .PPT.

Can I import 3D or autocad files into Vyew?

You cannot upload 3D or autocad files directly, but the best way to get them in

is to use the built-in screen capture tool. Without an installation you can instantly capture

and insert whatever is on your screen into your Vyew Room with 2 clicks.

The screen capture tool is located along the top toolbar panel once you enter a Vyew Room.

Using Vyew as a repository of content

A question has been asked by our customer:

Is content associated with a single collaborative session or environment? ie. How would this environment support a central repository of content (the pages in book) that would be used by a number of different sessions?

Content is currently associated with a single Vyew Room only. We have a corporate account package

which is in development now, which would allow a central repository of content that could be shared with other users in your organization.

Users who have access to this content will be able to make duplicates, edit or markup and store it for themselves.

This will be available around the end of July 2008.  Please contact us, if you are interested.

Zooming and Resizing

Multi-Page Linked Documents

Multi-page content (such as a Word DOC, Powerpoint or PDF), is uploaded into a Vyew Room as multiple, linked pages. The linking ensures that moving or resizing one page of the document will manipulate all pages of that one document.

Only the pages of each document are linked and manipulated together. Other linked documents need to be manipulated separately.

Resizing instead of Zooming

When content is imported that doesn’t match the size of your screen, instead of zooming, resize the content. As all pages will be resized, this will save you from having to set the correct zoom for each page individually.

Inserting Audio: The MP3 Player

There are two ways to insert MP3 files:

  • From your computer.
  • From the web via a URL.

Inserting MP3s from Your Computer

Click Insert near the top center of Vyew, then File From Computer.

In the file selection box, select or type the name of the MP3, then type or click Enter, OK, or Open. (Shown here is the Windows 7 file selection box— yours may differ.)

Trouble inserting MP3s? See this article.

Inserting MP3s from the Internet

Click Insert near the top center of Vyew, then From URL.

In the text box, enter the URL of the MP3. Type Enter or click Insert.

Trouble inserting MP3s? See this article.

The MP3 Player

Click Menu for auto-play options.

Player Options


  • Autoplay – MP3 starts on page open.
  • Repeat – MP3 restarts once finished.
  • Stop when page changes – MP3 stops on leaving page.

Load Music

When inserting the MP3 player plugin manually, enter a URL here.

Audio Tips

  • Using Video: If your audio is in a YouTube format, use the Video Retriever.
  • Audio Comments: You can also record Audio Comments directly into the page to leave messages for users.
  • Upload limit is 30Mb.

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