Move/Resize/Zooming Media

To move or resize:

Use the Select Tool in the drawing toolbar to select the object to be moved or resized.

To move the object: simply click-and-drag the object where desired on the page.

To resize the object: A gray square with controls will appear around the object. Use the controls to transform the object:

To zoom:

Use the Zoom tools found near the top right of your Vyew room.

Resizing/Zooming multiple pages

When multi-page documents such as Word docs or Powerpoints are uploaded, they become linked. Moving, resizing or zooming one page, will move or resize or zoom the page for each page in that set.

See related article.

Uploading content into a Vyew Room (from the Home tab)

With this method, you can upload content without opening the Vyew Room.

From the “My Home” tab, click on “Upload Content” in the upper left corner.

An upload window will popup. Click on a Vyew Room in the data grid which lists all of your rooms. This will mark that Vyew Room as the upload target.

Click “Select a file to upload” to choose a file. Once you choose a file, it will begin the upload process.
When it is complete, you may open up that Vyew Room to see the uploaded content.

Importing Troubleshooter

Supported File Types


  • Microsoft Office – .doc .ppt .xls .docx .pptx .xlsx
  • Text Files – .txt .rtf
  • Adobe PDF – .pdf
  • Images – .jpg .png .gif .bmp
  • Audio Files – .mp3 (Learn more)
  • Flash Movies/Applications – .swf (Learn more)
  • Video Files – See Insert Video Files. (Video files must be hosted by a third-party.)


  1. Max file size: 30MB -  We recommend you generally keep your files under 10MB, since, if there is an issue, a smaller file will load quicker and be more likely to work. Breaking up your files into smaller sections is the first troubleshooting step.
  2. No passwords – We can’t open your file if you have a password on it.
  3. Corrupted? – Are you able to open the file yourself on your own computer with no errors?
  4. Don’t disable PDF printing – If it is a PDF file, make sure you did not disable printing. Sometimes people will publish a PDF with printing disabled.
  5. File locked on your machine? – Sometimes a file could be “locked” if it’s open in another program, or was opened in another program and that program didn’t terminate correctly. Try opening the file on your local desktop, and then doing a Save As… to a new file name, then upload that new file.
  6. Try an older format – Normally, the newer Microsoft Office 2007 PPTX, DOCX, or XLSX files work, but you can try saving them as Office 97/2003 files (PPT, DOC, or XLS). NOTE: You actually have to open it, and then save it while changing the file type. Simply renaming the file extension will NOT work.
  7. Too many pages? – Make sure you are within your upload limit. Go to Menu -> Account Settings -> Limits tab -> Upload Limits to check.

Large or Complex Graphics

Some documents which contain a lot heavy graphics may not import correctly or at all. You may need to break the document up into smaller files to remedy this.

Screenshot Method of Import

If your document is only a few pages, try using the Screenshot Tool to capture each page into Vyew.

Common Errors

“I/O Error”

An I/O Error means that Flash cannot read the file you are trying to upload from your machine.

This error occurs for three possible reasons:

  1. No permission to open that file or file is locked. Maybe this file is opened by another program? Maybe your windows login has no permission to access that file?

    Try copying that file to another directory. If you get an error while copying it, then it is one of these issues.

  2. The file was on a network drive. Copy or move that file to a local drive and try again.
  3. Unknown problem. An I/O error is a problem on your machine, not with Vyew. There are various other reasons why Vyew may not be able to read a file. Could it be corrupted? Sometimes files get locked for strange reasons, rebooting may solve it.

“Delete Page Error”

This error may occur for 2 possible reaons:

  • If some content on that page has crashed or caused an infinite loop in the browser, you may need to delete the page and re-create it.  This may occur if there is a bug in some outside Flash content you have loaded, or a bug in one of our plugins.
  • If, the last time you opened this Vyew Room, you closed your browser while a page was still in the middle of loading, Vyew may think that the page crashed, when it really didn’t.

    Try continuing and make a note of which page you got that error on. If your browser crashes, or becomes slow or unresponsive, refresh, and next time you see that error, delete that page. If you have important information on that page that you must recover, please contact support for help.

Powerpoints getting cropped?

See this article.

Still Having Problems?

If your file still won’t upload, you can send it to us via email, and we can help you troubleshoot it. Please send it to

Uploading Flash Apps into Vyew

You can load Flash Applications into Vyew, but there are a few restrictions and things to think about.

  • Do not use any of these keywords in your Flash Actionscript code:
    • _level0.
    • _global.
    • _root. (_root can only be used if .lockroot=true)
  • If you are referencing/loading any outside assets, such images, or other Flash modules, you must use an absolute path, ie. load(“”), instead of load(“/something.jpg”)
  • If you are loading assets from another domain, you must add a crossdomain file to that domain to allow access from “” (See cross domain section below)

What if I’m not sure about all that stuff?

You can just try to upload your app and see what happens.

  1. In your Vyew Room, click IMPORT
  2. Select the SWF file to load and MAKE SURE “Interactive Object” checkbox IS CHECKED.

How do I synchronize my Flash App among other Vyew Users in my meeting room?

It is possible to sync actions, for example, when one user clicks a button, the action takes place on all users in the room. To do so you must take advantage of the Vyew Client-side API. Read more.

Crossdomain Resources

To setup a crossdomain allowance, you must put a crossdomain.xml file into the root of your domain. See this example crossdomain.

More info on crossdomain.

Inserting content in your Vyew Room

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