Can I put thousands of pages into a Vyew Room?

We currently have a max page count per Vyew Room / Meeting of 300.

Although thousands of pages is a possibility in the future, the original system

was not designed with that in mind. You would need to break up your content

into blocks of 200 or 300… then you could put buttons at the end of each block,

that jumped the user to the next Vyew Room. These buttons are built in to Vyew.

How much does Vyew cost?

Free Version

The most basic Vyew is free. It has all the same functionality as the paid packages. There are some usage limits, such as less people in a room at a time, and the free version includes advertising in the interface.

The free version is NOT a time-based trial. It is always free forever. There is zero risk to start using Vyew now.

Paid Packages

Those who pay for Vyew get advertising removed, increased usage limits, and options to add-on other features for customizing and branding the interface.  Prices starting as low as $6.95/mo.

See the Price Page

No Contracts

When you buy a Vyew package, there is never any contracts associated with your account. You can quit, cancel or downgrade whenever you like.

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Is there a file limit or storage limit?

There is no storage space limit, however, we do set a cap on the number of certain types of files that users can upload into Vyew during any given month. The file upload limit is relevant to Microsoft Office and Adobe PDFs only, and the limit varies by account type.

Go to Menu -> Account Settings -> Limits tab -> Upload Limits to check.


Prices and Sign-up >>

What is the maximum user limit for a room?

The maximum possible number of concurrent users (a.k.a “real-time participants”) allowed in a room depends on your subscription level. The latest info on subscription pricing is here.

  • Free accounts = 10 users
  • Plus accounts = 10 users (can be upgraded to 80)
  • Pro accounts = 15 users (can be upgraded to 80)

Upgrades cost $1/user/month in increments of 5. There is a bulk-user discount if you jump straight up to 80 users. Sign-up here, or if you’re already a customer, upgrade here.

The maximum number of concurrent users is actually per account, with the number of concurrent users split up among all your rooms, as better explained here.

Of course, there is no limit to the number of times someone can access your rooms, since they are “always on,” as long it’s within the concurrency limits.

What if I want more than 80 users in a room?

80 is the max. Occasionally, we can allow more on an trial account-by-account basis. Contact us for more details.

Whats the difference between concurrent users and concurrent meetings?

Concurrent Users

The “concurrent users limit” (a.k.a the “real-time participant limit”) is the maximum number of people who can access any of your Vyew Rooms at the same time.

This concurrency only applies when multiple users are in the same room at the same time. Individual users– that is, any user in any room all by themselves– do not count toward the concurrent users limit.

Free and Plus accounts begin with a 10 concurrent user limit; Pro accounts, 15. The Plus and Pro accounts are expandable to 80.

Concurrent Meetings

Any Vyew Room containing 2 or more users is considered a “meeting”.

The “concurrent meeting limit” is how many meetings can occur at the same time.

Free and Plus accounts can have 1 meeting at a time; Pro accounts, 2.

Some examples:

1) You have a Plus account with a 10-concurrent-user limit, and a 1-concurrent-meeting limit. You could have all 10 people in one room, or 10 in one room and 5 others each in their own individual rooms.

2) You have a Pro account with a 20-concurrent-user limit, and a 2-concurrent-meeting limit. You could have all 20 in one room. You could also have 12 in one room, 8 in another, and 4 others each in their own individual rooms.

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