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Move/Resize/Zooming Media

To move or resize:

Use the Select Tool in the drawing toolbar to select the object to be moved or resized.

To move the object: simply click-and-drag the object where desired on the page.

To resize the object: A gray square with controls will appear around the object. Use the controls to transform the object:

To zoom:

Use the Zoom tools found near the top right of your Vyew room.

Resizing/Zooming multiple pages

When multi-page documents such as Word docs or Powerpoints are uploaded, they become linked. Moving, resizing or zooming one page, will move or resize or zoom the page for each page in that set.

See related article.

Duplicate or move an object between pages.

Use the Select Tool to select the object. This will activate the Object Controls: The top three controls are “Cut”, “Copy”, and “Duplicate”. Click on the desired action. Alternatively, you can select the object and use the same options found under the Edit Menu:

After cutting or copying an object, you can navigate to another page and Paste it on the new page.

Arranging depths of images/objects

Use the Select Tool to select the object to be resized. This will activate the Object Controls: Click the desired laying option to bring the object forward or send it backward:

Selecting a locked object.

Use the Select Tool on the drawing toolbar and click on the object you wish to select, or use the Select Object filtering option to select a specific object by name. The Select Object tool is accessible on the main toolbar:

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