Opening/Closing the Sidebar (for everyone)


Minimizer (Fig. A)

You can open/close the sidebar for your own view, or for all users. This will free up space for the meeting area if you do not need chat or webcam.

Opening/Closing for just you

Click the minimizer button to open and close (See Figure A).

Opening/Closing for everyone

To close the sidebar for everyone in your room, just roll over the minimizer button. A tooltip will popup then click “Close for all users.” To open, do the same thing: roll over it, then click “Open for all users.”


IMPORTANT. Only Owners and Moderators can open/close the sidebar for everyone. (More about User Roles)

Uploading content into a Vyew Room (from the Home tab)

With this method, you can upload content without opening the Vyew Room.

From the “My Home” tab, click on “Upload Content” in the upper left corner.

An upload window will popup. Click on a Vyew Room in the data grid which lists all of your rooms. This will mark that Vyew Room as the upload target.

Click “Select a file to upload” to choose a file. Once you choose a file, it will begin the upload process.
When it is complete, you may open up that Vyew Room to see the uploaded content.

Creating Vyew Rooms

To create a Vyew Room:

  • Login to Vyew.
  • In the “Home” tab, click on “Create New Room” in the upper left corner.
  • Change the name of the Vyew Room: Book menu > Rename Room.

Check out the video tutorial.

The difference between “Create New Room” and “Schedule a Meeting

The “Create New Room” button creates a Vyew Room immediately. You can then start a meeting immediately and invite people in. If you are giving out the direct URL to the Vyew Room then make sure to change the Access Control to “Open to Anyone.”

The “Schedule a Meeting” button is for inviting people to a Vyew Room at a specific time. Your invitees will then only be allowed into the meeting at the times/dates you specify.

Overview of the Home tab

The “My Home” area is for:

  • Managing your Vyew Rooms (create, rename, delete)
  • Organizing Vyew Rooms into folders
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Inviting people into meetings

Please watch this video for more info:

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