Inserting Content – Overview



In Vyew, you can import multiple file types into a single page, layer media objects, draw over them, and move them in groups, just like you would in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Inserting New Pages

Click Insert near the top center of Vyew, then Blank Page.







Deleting Pages


Click the Trash Can icon near the top right of Vyew.







Click Yes to confirm.






Important: Deleting a page is NOT undoable!
Note: The delete function is only available to certain usertypes (such as Owner or Moderator).

Inserting Content – File Types

Vyew can import these types of content:

  • Microsoft Office – .doc .ppt .xls .docx .pptx .xlsx
  • Adobe PDF – .pdf
  • Open Document – files from LibreOffice or OpenOffice: .odt .ods .odp
  • Text Files – .txt .rtf
  • Images – .jpg .png .gif .bmp
  • Flash Movies/Applications – .swf (Learn more)
  • Audio Files – .mp3 (Learn more)
  • Video Files – .flv (Video files must be hosted by a third-party. See Inserting Video Files.)
  • Screenshots using Vyew’s Screen Capture tool.

Inserting Content from Your Computer

Click Insert near the top center of Vyew, then File From Computer.


In the file selection box, select or type the name of the file, then type or click Enter, OK, or Open. (Shown here is the Windows 7 file selection box— yours may differ.)

Trouble inserting documents? See this article.

Inserting Content via Email

You can insert text and files through email. See here for how.

Inserting Content from the Internet

You can easily import from the web:

    • Import documents and images from a URL, e.g. “”
    • Import a snapshot of a webpage, e.g. “”

Click Insert near the top center of Vyew, then From URL.

In the text box, enter the URL of the file or webpage snapshot. Type Enter or click Insert.

Trouble inserting documents? See this article.

Inserting Screenshots with the Screen Capture Tool

Insert a full or cropped snapshot of your desktop into your room.

  1. Click Insert, then Screen Capture.screenCapture1
  2. The Vyew Screen Capture applet will appear over anything on your desktop. Arrange your desktop for capture.
  3. Click Capture Screen.screenCapture2-550
  4. Crop to your preference, then click Confirm Screen Shot.screenCapture3-550
  5. The image will appear in your Vyew Room.
  6. Click Cancel to close the Vyew Screen Capture applet.

More Content Options

Click Insert, then More… to expand the Insert palette, revealing more options:


  • fromGoogleImages – Search and insert images via Google.


  • onlineVideo – Search and insert, or enter the direct URL of videos from YouTube or a hosted .flv file.


  • fromMediaLibrary – Insert content from your other Vyew rooms.


  • Use plugins for more functionality:
    • Button – A dynamic button that can take your participants to another page, another Vyew room, another website, and more.
    • Graphing Calc – Draw graphs of multiple user-defined functions on an X-Y axis.
    • Equation Editor – Create and display complex math equations.
    • MP3 Player – MP3s can be played within Vyew Rooms for all participants to hear.
    • Calendar – A simple one-month calendar that you can annotate as desired.

Manipulating Content

Click an object with the Select tool selectionTool to show its manipulation options.

Note: Plug-ins are selected by clicking on their top selection bar.










Note:Not all objects will have all the options you see here.
  • Cut cut and copy Copy – Paste by typing CTRL-v, or selecting Paste from the edit Edit menu in the Whiteboard tool palatte.
  • Duplicate duplicate – create a copy on the same page.
  • Bring to front bringToFront and sendToBack Send to back – layer objects.
  • Rotate clockwise rotateClockwise and rotateCounterclockwise Rotate counterclockwise – Linked document pages will be rotated together.
  • Lock lock – Prevents objects from being manipulated, moved or deleted while working on top or around them. Click the object, then click unlock at the lower right of the object to unlock. Only the Owner, Moderator or the person who locked it can unlock.
  • Resize dragBox – for imported documents, the corner boxes will maintain proportionality. Linked document pages will be resized together.
  • Download download – documents and pictures may be downloaded by users with permission.


  • To move an object, select and drag. Linked document pages will be moved together.
  • To delete an object, select and hit your keyboard’s Delete key, or use cut Cut.

Navigating, Rearranging and Renaming Pages

Click the Page Manager dropdown button near the top center of Vyew.








  • Click on a page to jump, or navigate with the blue arrows.






  • pageManagerMove1Drag to rearrange.









  • pageManagerRenameRename a page in either name field.










  • pageManagerBookmark1Bookmark a page.









  • pageManagerDeletePage1Delete a page.









Important: Deleting a page is NOT undoable!

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