Opening/Closing the Sidebar (for everyone)


Minimizer (Fig. A)

You can open/close the sidebar for your own view, or for all users. This will free up space for the meeting area if you do not need chat or webcam.

Opening/Closing for just you

Click the minimizer button to open and close (See Figure A).

Opening/Closing for everyone

To close the sidebar for everyone in your room, just roll over the minimizer button. A tooltip will popup then click “Close for all users.” To open, do the same thing: roll over it, then click “Open for all users.”


IMPORTANT. Only Owners and Moderators can open/close the sidebar for everyone. (More about User Roles)

How do participants change their display name as shown in the Userlist?

Any participant can change their display name using via the Userlist Options Menu in the Userlist. Simply click on the icon that looks like wrench and select “Change my screen name”:

Do users in my Vyew Room always have to see what I see, or can they go to a different page?

Owners and persons granted “Moderator” status can let persons navigate pages at their own pace, if desired, via the Page Sync/Un-sync options next to the Page Navigation:

Owners and Moderators can also just un-sync themselves. For example, a Moderator might want to jump ahead to edit a page prior to discussion during a live conference.

NOTE: Vyew Rooms are set to Un-sync Mode by default. During live conferences, the Owner or Moderator needs to toggle to Sync Mode to make all persons see what they see. When the live conference concludes, and the Owner and all Moderators have left the session, the Vyew Room will default back to Un-sync Mode automatically. To change the default to Sync Mode, select “Default this Vyew Room to Sync Mode” via the Sync Toggle.

Vyew Rooms can also be set to Sync Mode by default via the Room settings found under the Book Menu:

How do I see what specific persons have added to my Vyew Rooms?

Use the Filter by User tool to view objects, including white-board annotations and embedded comments, added by specific persons over time. The Filter by User tool is found in the Userlist:

Simply click on a person’s name to see just what that person has contributed, filtering out all other person’s input.

Security >>

User Roles/Permissions

You can assign different people different types of access. Some may edit, while others can only view:

  • Moderator – like an Owner, they have access to everything except the Room Settings
  • Collaborator – can draw, edit, delete their own content, and change Sync Mode. They can’t delete pages, change other’s content or change other’s permissions.
  • Reviewer – like a Collaborator, except they can’t import any media, such as images or documents, into a room.
  • Viewer – can’t edit or change anything.
    • With Sync Mode ON, they are locked onto the currently sync’d page, and cannot navigate. 
    • With Sync Mode OFF, they can navigate pages as they wish.

Why can viewers navigate when Sync Mode is OFF?

  • When giving a presentation, Sync is usually ON so that everyone will follow you from page to page.
  • When using Vyew for document review or collaboration, when you may or may not be present, Sync is usually OFF to allow collaborators to browse as they need.

Assigning Roles to New Invitees

For most invitations, assign invitee’s permission levels in the invite wizard. See Inviting and Sharing Rooms.

Changing Roles of Current Attendees

changeUserPermissionsIn the UserList pod near the upper right of Vyew, click on their username, Change user type to:, then on the desired level.

Different user roles have different interfaces

The lower the permission status of a user, the simpler their interface will be, since certain functions will not be available.

For example, a Collaborator has access to the drawing tools, Insert button, Page Manager and Screen Share tab,

while a Viewer will not:

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