Customizing Vyew

Vyew can be customized in a variety of ways:

  • Custom Room URL – This changes the URL of your Vyew Room, such as “”
  • Custom Color Theme – Change the user interface colors to the exact colors you prefer
  • Custom Banner Ad – Replace the advertising banner with your own logo

We also have other options such as co-branding and white-label version of Vyew for resellers and channel partners. Please contact us for this information and ask for the Business Development department.

What is the maximum user limit for a room?

The maximum possible number of concurrent users (a.k.a “real-time participants”) allowed in a room depends on your subscription level. The latest info on subscription pricing is here.

  • Free accounts = 10 users
  • Plus accounts = 10 users (can be upgraded to 80)
  • Pro accounts = 15 users (can be upgraded to 80)

Upgrades cost $1/user/month in increments of 5. There is a bulk-user discount if you jump straight up to 80 users. Sign-up here, or if you’re already a customer, upgrade here.

The maximum number of concurrent users is actually per account, with the number of concurrent users split up among all your rooms, as better explained here.

Of course, there is no limit to the number of times someone can access your rooms, since they are “always on,” as long it’s within the concurrency limits.

What if I want more than 80 users in a room?

80 is the max. Occasionally, we can allow more on an trial account-by-account basis. Contact us for more details.

Is there a “trial period” or any contractual obligations with Vyew?

There is no trial – its free

Some services have “free trials” which expire. Vyew is always free and has all the functionality of the paid accounts. The downside is the free version has embedded advertising in the interface and a limits the number of concurrent users in a meeting (only 10 at a time). Getting rid of the advertising starts as low as $9.95/mo.

There is no contract

If you become a paying user of Vyew, you can quit, cancel, downgrade, and/or delete your account whenever you want.

Why become a paying user?

  • Get rid of advertising
  • Save more persistent Vyew Rooms
  • Have the option of branding Vyew to fit your look (more info)
  • Have the option of adding on more concurrent users (up to 80) and concurrent meetings
  • Help support the further development of this awesome product

Sign up today!

How does Vyew compare to other Web collaboration solutions?

Below is a short list, go here for a full comparison chart.

  • FREE — there’s no limited time trial period.
  • No Installations — Your clients, associates and team members are more likely to join your meetings since they won’t need to install anything.  Vyew is cross-platform, works in all major browsers, and can be up and running in 10 seconds.
  • Vyew is a unique fusion of synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities. This allows you to hold real-time presentations and meetings, yet keep all the content around for people to come in and browse/edit/review at their own convenience.
  • Intermix and collaborate on a wide range of content from most common file types (.ppt, .doc, .xls, .pdf, and more).
  • Automatic, persistent saving of content.
  • Customize the look of the Vyew user interface to suit your needs with Custom Color Themes and Custom Branding.

What can I do with Vyew?

Vyew has a broad range of applications and uses for collaborating and working online with groups. You can:

  • Host Presentations – Upload powerpoints and PDFs and have a web conference
  • Review Documents – Upload office documents and images for review by people at any time (at their leisure)
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous – Meet people in real-time or allow them to collaborate anytime on there own time
  • Draw/Annotate – full set of drawing, commenting and discussion tools
  • Desktop Sharing – Stream your screen in real-time to people in your meeting
  • Instant Screen Capture – Take snapshots of your screen and insert them into a meeting
  • Video Conference – Up to 5 people can broadcast their video to everyone in the room.
  • Publish – Publish read-only versions of your meeting to a web site, blog, HTML emails, etc

Vyew (pronounced “view”) is a free next-generation online collaboration and web conferencing service that brings people and content together. With Vyew you can host LIVE conferences and work collaboratively on content asynchronously over time, any time.

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