Publishing/embeding a Vyew Room to a blog/website

Follow these steps to embed an entire Vyew Room into a web page or blog article:

1. Get the Meeting ID. Log in to Vyew and go to the Home tab. Locate the Room and roll your mouse over it until an indicator pops up telling you what the Meeting ID is. In the example here, the Meeting ID is 5555_524891. Write that down.

Write down the Meeting ID

Write down the Meeting ID


2. Set the Read/Write Access – Click and go into the Room, select INVITE / GET LINK TO SHARE… If you want people to have “read-only” access, so they can’t change the content, set it to “They can view”. Then click SUBMIT. (Also note that SYNC MODE should be off, if you want Viewers to be able to navigate pages. Set SYNC MODE by going into the room)

Set the desired access setting


3. Paste this HTML code into your web site:

<iframe src="" style="width:800px; height:600px;"></iframe>

  • XXXXXX_XXXXXX = Replace this part with the MEETING ID from Step 1. (ie. 5555_12345)
  • WIDTH and HEIGHT = This snippet currently has the width/height set to 800×600 pixels. You can change those values to whatever you like, or change them to percentage values such as:
    • width:90%; height:90%;  (note that some browsers don’t respect the height variable as percentages, so using actual pixesl (px) is recommended)

Archiving a Vyew Room for asynchronous viewing

All Vyew Rooms are asynchronous by nature. There are 2 ways take advantage of this.

1. Setup the Vyew Room so anyone can view it:
Set the Room access control to:”open to anyone”, with default usertype as “viewer” and make sure sync mode is OFF.
(Why sync mode off?

Now, you can give out the direct URL to that Vyew Room and anyone can come into it.

2. Publish a Vyew Room as read-only
Each Vyew Room can be published with a separate URL as its parent Room, or embedded into a webpage or blog.
To do so, open the Vyew Room, goto the BOOK menu and click PUBLISH.
More on that:

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