The Vyew Lobby

It’s a Virtual Waiting Room

If you’re in a lobby, you are not yet in the meeting room. The owner of the room is usually alerted to your presence and can pull from the lobby into the room.

Why am I in the Lobby?

  • Sometimes a meeting owner may give out URL’s to the Lobby, where they can meet you, to pull you into a meeting room.
  • Or, if you attempted to access a room which was locked, you are automatically sent to the Lobby

As a Meeting Room Owner, How Can I Use the Lobby?

Once you know your Lobby URL (below), instead of inviting people directly to a room, you can give them your Lobby URL and meet them there, then you can choose a room to bring them into. Once a user is in your Lobby, anytime you switch rooms you will be prompted to pull them with you into that room.

In this example, if you are telling someone your Lobby URL, you can leave out the "room#" part. So the Lobby URL would be ""

Let’s say you’re on the phone with someone. You want to jump into a quick meeting with them. You can give them the URL to your Lobby, while you are getting the meeting room set up. You can say “Go to this URL:

When they go to that URL they’ll be in a waiting room, and you can pull them into your room when you are ready.

As a Meeting Room Owner, You’ll be Alerted When Someone is in Your Lobby

When you're in a room, you'll see this alert

When you're in a room, you'll see this alert

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