The Screen Capture Tool

With the Vyew Screen Capture Tool you can capture any image on your screen, crop it, and insert it into your Vyew Room.

This feature requires Java be installed into your browser. (More about Java)
  1. Click Insert, then Screen Capture.
  2. screenCapture1

    If running the Tool for the first time, you may see a Java Security Notice. Click “Run”. (More info)
  3. The Vyew Screen Capture applet will appear over anything on your desktop. Arrange your desktop for capture.
  4. Click Capture Screen.
  5. screenCapture2-550

  6. A preview of the screenshot will appear. Crop to your preference, then click Confirm Screen Shot.
  7. screenCapture3-550

  8. The screenshot image will appear in your Vyew Room.
  9. The Vyew Screen Capture applet will remain. You may click Capture Screen again after arranging another screenshot, or Cancel to close the applet.

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