Protecting content in Vyew

Who can access my Vyew Rooms?

By using Room Access Control settings for your Vyew Room, you can allow access to only certain individuals. By default, only users you invite have access. If you set your Vyew Room to “Open to Anyone” then only people with the exact URL to your meeting room can get in. You should also be aware that in this case, invitees may forward the invitation to others which would make it possible for these others to also have access to your room.

Are Vyew Rooms SSL/HTTPS encrypted?

Encryption is only available to enterprise customers at this time. Their rooms are secured by the Vyew Enterprise Appliance which has been approved and is in use by departments of the U.S. Government. We are looking to make this available for our hosted product in the future. Does this mean that the content in your room is available to anyone? No.

Though many Vyew meetings are not SSL encrypted, it would be extremely difficult for even a motivated person to sniff out network traffic and re-assemble your Vyew meeting. Email itself is not secure at all, but Vyew is at least more secure (or tougher to intercept) than Email. We sell an enterprise appliance which is fully secure which has been approved and in use by departments of the U.S. Government.

Can I protect against users in my room from downloading the content?

You can control which user roles have the ability to download content from your room. By default, users who have Viewer and Reviewer roles do not have the option to download the content. (Collaborators and Moderators can click on content and download using the “download icon” in the lower right corner of the content).

However, there is no way to stop users from taking screen shots and saving it to their computer. As far as we know there is no way to stop a motivated person from downloading content if you allow them to view it without forcing them to first install some software. But even with so-called “pdf protection software,”  it becomes a game of competing technologies, like radar, radar detectors, and radar detector detectors.

If you have sensitive material the best thing to do is:

  • Make it clear your legal intent to prosecute should people misuse the content.
  • If it is text content, keep a Google Alert active for specific unique sentences in your content so you will know if other people are publishing or using it.

Controlling access to your Vyew Rooms

Access Control settings are located in the UserList:


Invites Only (default)

Only people you Invite, can access your Vyew Rooms (More about invites).

Owner Only

This option locks out everyone (including those invited) execpt for the owner.

Open to Anyone

To let everyone access your Vyew Room anytime, you can set it to “Open to Anyone” which will effectively leave your Vyew Room unlocked.

Anyone with the direct URL to your Vyew Room will have access, unless you have the Password Option checked. More about passwords.

Activity Logs: Knowing who was in your Meeting Room

In the Home tab, look for the “Activity” column on the right side. Click the links in that column to view Activity Details of that Room.

Click in Activity column for details

The Activity Details will show you the screenname and email address* of people who have entered the room.

Activity Details Screen

Activity Details Screen

*Note: The email will only show up if that person is a registered user. If you require email addresses of everyone, you can force them to register for Vyew before entering the room. Be aware that forcing registration may lower your response rate of people entering your room because they may not feel like registering.

In the Invite Options, you can force registrations

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