Vyew Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

Hotkeys have not been fully implimented into Vyew 4. We hope to get more in soon. Vote for it here if it’s important to you.

Increase your speed and productivity by using keyboard shortcuts. Where relevant, we have made an effort to make Vyew’s hotkeys consistent with hotkeys from other common applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

NOTE: For hotkeys to work properly, Vyew must have ‘focus’: After starting Vyew or switching back to the browser in which Vyew is running, click somewhere inside the Vyew user interface.
When Typing using the Text Drawing Tool
Shift-Enter Stop editing
Ctrl-Enter Stop editing
General Commands
Ctrl-z Undo
Ctrl-x Cut
Ctrl-c Copy
Ctrl-v Paste
Ctrl-Shift-W Delete current page
Ctrl-+ (PLUS) Zoom in
Ctrl- - (MINUS) Zoom out
Commands When an Object is Selected
Delete Delete selected object
ARROW KEYS Nudge selected object
Shift-ARROW KEYS Move selected object
Ctrl-UP Bring selected object to front
Ctrl-DOWN Send selected object to back
Page Navigation
Ctrl-RIGHT Next Page
Ctrl-LEFT Prev Page
Ctrl-Shift-LEFT First Page
Ctrl-Shift-RIGHT Last Page

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