Sync Mode

Vyew gives you control over where your guests are, and when your guests can access your Vyew Rooms.

Where in your Room…

The Sync button is to the right of the Insert button, near the top center of Vyew.syncMode1

  • Sync mode:
    • Synchronizes the starting, stopping, and pausing of the Youtube video plugin.
    • Forces synchronization of pages and page turns, so that everyone is always on the same page.
  • Unsync mode allows everyone to roam free within the same Room.

When in your Room…

Vyew is unique in that your Room’s contents are accessible anytime, to anyone, with the permissions you specify.

  • Work synchronously, with everyone in the same room at the same time, or
  • Work asynchronously, with users accessing your room at their convenience.

Why is it like this?

  • When giving a presentation, Sync is usually ON, so that everyone will follow you from page to page.
  • When using Vyew for document review or collaboration, when you may or may not be present, Sync is usually OFF, to allow collaborators to browse as they need.

Do users in my Vyew Room always have to see what I see, or can they go to a different page?

Owners and persons granted “Moderator” status can let persons navigate pages at their own pace, if desired, via the Page Sync/Un-sync options next to the Page Navigation:

Owners and Moderators can also just un-sync themselves. For example, a Moderator might want to jump ahead to edit a page prior to discussion during a live conference.

NOTE: Vyew Rooms are set to Un-sync Mode by default. During live conferences, the Owner or Moderator needs to toggle to Sync Mode to make all persons see what they see. When the live conference concludes, and the Owner and all Moderators have left the session, the Vyew Room will default back to Un-sync Mode automatically. To change the default to Sync Mode, select “Default this Vyew Room to Sync Mode” via the Sync Toggle.

Vyew Rooms can also be set to Sync Mode by default via the Room settings found under the Book Menu:

Inserting Videos

You can insert videos to be played for everyone in the room. The video file must be hosted on Youtube or another 3rd-party server. Vyew does not directly host videos because of their size.

Note: Videos and animations embedded in a powerpoint do not survive the import into Vyew. You must insert them separately, as described here.

Inserting YouTube videos

For videos you’ve uploaded to, or found on, YouTube:

  • You can search YouTube directly within Vyew.
  • You can copy the full YouTube URL (e.g., ““) into our video player.
Note: You must use the full URL of the video from your browser’s address bar. YouTube “share” links (e.g., ““) do not work.
Note: YouTube videos with embedding disabled cannot be inserted into Vyew.
Note: YouTube videos disallowed in certain geographical areas (many music videos are like this) will not be visible by meeting participants in those geographical areas.

Inserting 3rd-party-hosted FLV videos

You can host your own FLV video files on your own, or another, 3rd-party server. You will need the direct URI for that file to insert it into your Vyew room.

Showing Video in the Room

Click Insert then More… to expand the Insert palatte.
Click Online Video.

  • Searching on Youtube

    In the Search for Videos tab, enter the search term.

    • Click searchPlay to preview.
    • Click seachInsert to insert.
  • Direct URL

    Paste or type into the Insert from URL tab the direct URL to the Youtube video, or the URI of your 3rd-party hosted FLV file. Click Insert Video.

Sync Mode and Videos

If in Sync Mode, when you play, pause or reposition a Youtube video, it will for your attendees too.
3rd-party-hosted FLV videos, however, are not syncable. You attendees will need to play or pause the video player themselves.

Video Player Options

You can set automatic control options for the player.
The 3rd-party FLV video player is resizable. The Youtube video player is not.

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