Setting Up Your Mic and Webcam


Vyew's VoIP (Voice over IP) system broadcasts your voice to other users through a headset mic plugged into your computer.A headset is recommended. One person using speakers or "speakerphone mode" can frequently cause echoing for everyone in the room.

  • The video conferencing system built in to Vyew uses a standard webcam.

First test your settings

  • Make sure your headset and webcam are plugged in, then go to Vyew’s browser test page. There, your browser will be tested for Adobe Flash 10.2+, which is required.
  • Did the Flash test fail? Don’t see the mic and webcam tests? You must install Flash from Adobe’s web site. It’s a good idea to reboot your computer after doing so.
  • If you have Flash installed, you will see two tests, Test Microphone and Test WebCam. Click those and you will be prompted to record a small portion of audio or video, and it will be played back to you.

If the Microphone and Webcam Test worked, you are ready use the Webcam and VOIP in a Vyew Meeting.

Still have problems?

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