Conducting an eSeminar/Webinar

Conferencing/Webinars vs. Collaboration

  • Web Conferences, Webinars, and Web Meetings, usually consist of one or a few people moderating or presenting to 5, 10 or hundreds of people (See participant limit below)
  • Collaboration on the other hand, is more of a collective effort to create or edit content. Collaboration can take place in live in real-time, or over time, at each users convenience.

Conferencing and Collaboration in Vyew

  • Vyew provides features for both types of meetings (conferencing and collaboration). We sometimes refer to this as Synchronous (at the same time) and Asynchronous (anytime)
  • Vyew provides multi-format uploads, whiteboarding, desktop sharing, screen capture, Voice-Over-IP, Video, and Teleconferencing. (Full Feature List)

  • Participant limits: Free registered users have a limit of 10 people, the highest paid account has a limit of 80 people. (Pricing/Limit page)
links to call options
- kicking out people
- promoting/demoting people
- going from book to book
- private chat
- closing the sidebar for everyone
- Quiz/Poll (plugins section)
- get idea of who audience is put on first page to fill out while you wait for everyone to show up.
- or at the end, if everyone udnerstood, etc…

Tips for Conducting a Webinar:

  • Webinar etiquette – join your meeting early and share a “welcome” slide that says your meeting will be starting shortly. Before the meeting begins, provide a quick review of items such as how to use the chat feature, how to draw (if you make that option available to your audience), how to use the conference call, webcam, etc. (What’s the best communication method? Learn more.)
  • Check connectivity – Make sure everything is working properly: slides, video, internet, phone lines, mic, web cam, etc.
  • Avoid PowerPoint only – include animation, photos, videos or other visual aids to make your presentation more interesting
  • Use the built-in quiz/polling plugin – Engage your audience by including polling questions at key points in your presentation. Use it at the beginning of the presentation to get more insight into your audience while they wait for everyone to show up AND/OR use it at the end of the presentation for feedback and follow-up questions. Learn more about quiz/poll plugin.
  • Use SYNC mode – Forces viewer to follow you around from page to page. Also synchronizes video and audio.

Other Useful Hints

  • Close the sidebar for everyone

If you want your Vyew Room to have a full screen without the interference of the sidebar, you can close this for everyone you are presenting to.

  1. Click once on the tab that closes the sidebar and a window will pop up
  2. Click on the option to “close for all users”
  3. To reopen, click on tab and choose, “open for all users”
  • Are users distracting the meeting?

If you have a large meeting, where users might be inclined to distract the meeting by drawing or playing with other features, it is recommended that you demote everyone to a Viewer. You can demote everyone at once with the Userlist Menu (the tool icon in lower right).

The viewer role, can only watch and chat. Also viewer’s do not broadcast their mouse cursor to the meeting, like collaborators, moderators and owners do. This will help minimize distractions during the meeting.

Learn more about User Permission/Roles

  • Follow you from book to book

In the SYNC mode, you can also force all the attendees to follow you from book to book. During the webinar, if you switch to another book, a window will pop up and give you the option of “forcing participants to follow you” OR  “Leave them alone”.

  • Kick someone out – disconnect a user by clicking on their name in user list and selecting “disconnect this user”
  • Start a private chat – click on the “start private chat” button at the bottom of the left side bar

Vyew as a Review/Approval Tool

  • Collaboration in Vyew could be thought of as red-lining a printed page, except in an online meeting setting.

  • You can mark up files such as Word, Powerpoint and PDF docs, images and more. You can draw over, write text over, add sticky notes, or add other documents.

  • Collaborators can then alter, delete, or edit previous mark ups. Users set to a Reviewer permission level can only add or edit their own markups, not anyone else’s.

  • Once a collaboration session has come to a conclusion, the owner of the document can then take the notes into consideration, edit the original document on their own computer, then re-upload to Vyew for the next round of revisions and approvals.

  • Aside from technological complexities of varying document formats, in most cases, allowing a multitude of people to edit one original document online can quickly become chaotic. While we’re considering adding a similar feature in the future, in our view, the most systematic way to review through mark-up, not direct editing.

Using Vyew as a repository of content

A question has been asked by our customer:

Is content associated with a single collaborative session or environment? ie. How would this environment support a central repository of content (the pages in book) that would be used by a number of different sessions?

Content is currently associated with a single Vyew Room only. We have a corporate account package

which is in development now, which would allow a central repository of content that could be shared with other users in your organization.

Users who have access to this content will be able to make duplicates, edit or markup and store it for themselves.

This will be available around the end of July 2008.  Please contact us, if you are interested.

Using Vyew while teaching a class

Using Vyew during class

You can use Vyew to load a powerpoint or presentation of your daily teaching outline. If questions come up you can make notes or use the whiteboard to explain. This also allows students who are out sick or not able to come to class, to attend and listen/watch the class.

After class is over

Once class is over, you can make a duplicate of the room and make the URL public, so students can come back in later to continue discussions, make notes or ask questions. You can also publish a read-only version which you can embed into a website or blog.

Any other suggestions, ideas or questions

Please make a comment below.

What can I do with Vyew?

Vyew has a broad range of applications and uses for collaborating and working online with groups. You can:

  • Host Presentations – Upload powerpoints and PDFs and have a web conference
  • Review Documents – Upload office documents and images for review by people at any time (at their leisure)
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous – Meet people in real-time or allow them to collaborate anytime on there own time
  • Draw/Annotate – full set of drawing, commenting and discussion tools
  • Desktop Sharing – Stream your screen in real-time to people in your meeting
  • Instant Screen Capture – Take snapshots of your screen and insert them into a meeting
  • Video Conference – Up to 5 people can broadcast their video to everyone in the room.
  • Publish – Publish read-only versions of your meeting to a web site, blog, HTML emails, etc

Vyew (pronounced “view”) is a free next-generation online collaboration and web conferencing service that brings people and content together. With Vyew you can host LIVE conferences and work collaboratively on content asynchronously over time, any time.

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