Vyew 4 – Open to the Public

We’ve been talking about Vyew 4 for a long time now. It was a huge project, and we’re excited to say we’ve finally got a stable version. Starting last week, all newly created Vyew accounts are automatically switched to version 4. Read more

Vyew 4 Interface Overview

This article will help you transition from Vyew 3 to Vyew 4. As of April 2011, about 60% of our users are on Vyew 4.

How do I know if my account is Vyew 3 or 4?

To check what version you are on, go here: http://vyew.com/switchversions

What’s the difference Vyew 3 and Vyew 4?

  • There are 2 minor things are not in Vyew 4: (1) Stamp Tool, (2) MP3 Support (will be fixed). Learn more.
  • Vyew 4 Interface has been changed to make it easier to use (we hope, your feedback is important to us).
  • We added some new features… Read here for more info.

Read more

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