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Thank you for a great product, through it I'm able to reach out and help others in mathematics. I've used MSN and Yahoo messenger prior to my experience with Vyew, but none have come close to simulate a classroom environment. Vyew in my mind is a truely virtual classroom.
Visothy T.,
    Vyew Customer
First let me say how much I love working with Vyew!!! I used the free version last night for teacher training for my teachers and they absolutely loved it!!! It was so easy to use with a Powerpoint VyewBook and the desktop sharing options. My teachers easily manipulated the Vyew tools which made it easy for them to ask questions and communicate. Thanks for such a great tool!
Cheryl Capozzoli,
    District Instructional Technology Mentor/Web Coordinator
Susquehanna Township School District
Harrisburg, PA
I've used other prohibitively expensive online meeting software and this beats their pants off in ease of use/price/features.
    Vyew Customer

[Vyew is] a very cool and useful "Web 2.0" website. I have played with it a bit and my first reaction was: Wow!
Eddie Awad,
    an Oracle Ace, Portland, OR

[With Vyew] we have an application that allows us to share directly with our business partners - machine to machine. So now distance is no barrier in sharing ideas, thoughts or providing customer assistance. That's pretty awesome." (View article)
Dennis Howlett,
Wow, finally a Web collaboration tool that doesn't cost a fortune or require a cumbersome software installation Very easy to use, too!"
    Vyew User Feedback
Right on guys, you are off to a great start and I for one will be using this quite a bit.
    Vyew Blog Comment

I am an Australian English language teacher in Thailand. I have been using Vyew to tutor my students and it is fantastic. We always have a great time online and I am sure you have done a great service for those who are getting to know what you have done by working so hard to give the world a site such as this for free... What you are doing is helping lots of Thai youth and university students achieve things that were formerly very difficult to achieve.
G. Holmes,
    Montfort College, Thailand

Internet Time Group has been hosting a series of online "unworkshops" about informal learning with Web 2.0. Our learners come from around the world. We're familiar with most of the collaboration tools out there and have the scars to prove it. We have used Vyew more than any other tool because it provides a persistent collaboration space and its shared workspace gives us immediate response. The ability to grab and show the desktop is wonderful for instruction."
Jay Cross,
    Internet Time Group, Vyew User Feedback

Hats off to Vyew for providing the online collaboration marketplace with a truly valuable addition, and one which other players should be looking at for inspiration." (View article)
Robin Good,

If most venture capitalists weren't liars, we'd tell you that if we had the opportunity to fund Google, we would have passed. Seriously, who would have thought the world needed another search engine in 1995? Fast forward to 2006. Does the world need another web conferencing product? Maybe. Check out Vyew. (View article)
Guy Kawasaki,
    Guy Kawasaki's Blog
Well done on a great Web 2.0 product! I have been looking for something like this… After [reading] a lot of forum posts and people pointing me to various solutions, this was the best I found.
    Vyew Forum Post
What an excellent product you have with VYEW! I have registered for one of your beta accounts and all I can say is WOW! This is going to be very useful for my organization.
    Vyew Customer

I was looking for an e-meeting tool that I could use to conduct ad-hoc e-meetings on the fly without the hassle of installing extra software; just sharing a single URL address and off it goes from your favorite browser! How cool is that?

Well, my search for an e-meeting tool, something that I use on a very regular basis, is now over. I have found my ideal productivity tool to conduct virtual meetings effectively. Vyew is the application and if you haven't tried it I strongly encourage you all to go through the feature set and enjoy the ride because I am sure you will.
Luis Suarez,
    KM Specialist, IBM

I run a small sole proprietorship with big dreams and always wanted to try hosting a webinar, but felt really put off by the technical complexity and high cost. When I found your site, I didn't believe you could offer such a simple system at so low a cost. Well, I believe it now. I ran my first webinar this morning and all the Vyew technology worked just great. I couldn't ask for a simpler, more intuitive, less expensive teleconferencing solution. I don't even need to look anywhere else.
Jake Mazulewicz & Associates,

I don't usually get this excited about new products but I can't resist telling my co-workers, family and friends about Vyew. It's just so intuitive, plus has Safari and Firefox compatibility not to mention IE. Keep up the good work.
A. Funsten,
    Lockheed Martin

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