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Conference Call Setup - managing callers and keeping order

The conference call number and access code for your VyewBook meeting room can by found by clicking the Conference Call button in the right sidebar panel beneath the UserList.

For most VyewBooks, the conference call number is:

(218) 862-6114 (Check your VyewBook for the access code number)

Entering a conference call:

1. Dial the conference number
2. Press “2” to join a call
3. Enter your access code number

Managing Callers

Once inside the conference call, if you are the organizer of the call you can use these options:

Dial *7 to change the Conference Call modes:

  • Conversation Mode (default) = Everyone can speak
  • Q/A Mode = Everyone except call organizer is muted (but anyone can unmute themselves with *6)
  • Presentation Mode = Only the call organizer(s) can speak.

Dial *5 to Lock/Unlock the conference (Lock means no more callers can enter)

Complete Call Options List

For call organizer only:
*0 = Exit private call
*1 = Enter private call (You need to know the other persons private caller code)
*2 = Get my private caller code
*4 = Help menu
*5 = Lock/Unlock conference
*6 = Mute/unmute yourself
*7 = Cycle between call modes (Conversation/QA/Presentation)

Last Updated Nov 11, 2008

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