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How do I keep people on the same page in a VyewBook meeting?

Use SYNC Mode

When you change pages in a VyewBook, you can force everyone to follow you by turning on SYNC MODE.

How do I turn on SYNC Mode?

The SYNC button is to the left of the Page Navigation bar, along the top bar of the VyewBook interface.

What else does SYNC Mode do?

When SYNC mode is “ON”, the following things are synchronized:

  • Changing pages
  • Play/Stop/Pause of Video and Audio(Mp3)
  • Zooming and Scrolling (If the Zoom/Scroll sync option is checked in the SYNC button menu)

How does SYNC Mode affect “Viewer” usertypes?

When SYNC Mode is ON, Viewers cannot navigate pages at all. They are bound to follow you around from page to page.

When SYNC Mode is OFF, Viewers CAN navigate pages wherever you want.

Why is it like this?

When you are giving a presentation, we expect you to have SYNC Mode ON, so that everyone will follow you from page to page.

When you are using Vyew for reviewing of a document or some other type of “asynchronous” activity in which viewers may be in your VyewBook without you present, then it is ideal that they should be able to browse your VyewBook as they wish.  To allow this, turn SYNC Mode OFF.

Last Updated May 29, 2008

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