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How to conduct a webinar

I noticed there was a lack of info about Webinars, here is a first hack at it. Send me comments below if you need clarification/questions.

Conferencing/Webinars vs. Collaboration
  • Web Conferences, Webinars, and Web Meetings, usually consist of one or a few people moderating or presenting to 5, 10 or hundreds of people (See participant limit below)
  • Collaboration on the other hand, is more of a collective effort to create or edit content. Collaboration can take place in live in real-time, or over time, at each users convenience.
Conferencing and Collaboration in Vyew
  • Vyew provides features for both types of meetings (conferencing and collaboration). We sometimes refer to this as Synchronous (at the same time) and Asynchronous (anytime)
  • Vyew provides multi-format uploads, whiteboarding, desktop sharing, screen capture, Voice-Over-IP, Video, and Teleconferencing. (Full Feature List)
  • Participant limits: Free registered users have a limit of 20 people, the highest paid account has a limit of 100 people. (Pricing/Limit page)
The VyewBook
A VyewBook is where meetings take place. It holds content (powerpoints, images, drawings, video, audio, pdfs, etc), and stores all content indefinitely, until a user deletes it. Each VyewBook has its own unique URL; if you give someone that URL they are automatically brought into the VyewBook (You can control their user permissions).
Preparing for a Webinar
  • Create a VyewBook and upload content into it
  • You can re-arrange pages of your content, such that an image can be loaded onto one of your powerpoints, or a word doc can be inserted between pages of a pdf
Send out Invitations (or the URL link)
  • Invitations: Vyew provides an Invitation Manager so you can invite people specifically and manage what rights they have when they come in. (Click "Invite People" in the UserList pod)
  • Emailing a direct link: Each VyewBook has its own URL. If you go into a VyewBook, copy that URL, and email it out to as many people as you want. Depending on the VyewBook Access Control settings, people without invitations may now enter your Vyewbook.
  • When emailing a VyewBook Link:
    1. VyewBook Access Control settings -- If you want people to come into it without invitations, set the Access Control to: "Open to Anyone" (Set access control in the UserList pod, or Book Menu / VyewBook Settings
    2. Default User Type -- When people come in that are not invited, they're usertype, which determines what they can and can't do, can be set to a Viewer (can only look), Reviewer (can only add content, not delete), Collaborator (can add and delete content), or Moderator (Can do everything, including change other people's rights).

Last Updated Oct 31, 2008

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