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What does each user permission level mean?

What each user permission level is allowed to do:

There is only one owner per VyewBook, they can do everything including set the rights of other users. (Owner may also be known as “Creator")

A moderator is like an owner, except they cannot change the VyewBook settings of the book, such as, the Access Control settings of a VyewBook.
They can also edit/delete other peoples drawings and content, which a collaborator cannot do.

A collaborator can draw, edit, and delete their own content only. They cannot delete pages. They can also set the Sync Mode of a VyewBook. They cannot change the permissions of other users like a Moderator can.
A collaborator is also sometimes called a “Presenter”.

A Reviewer is a special case user that be set when inviting someone. If someone is set as a Reviewer, they can only markup a VyewBook and delete their own drawings/comments but cannot import content, delete pages, or delete other peoples content. The difference between a Reviewer and Collaborator is a Collaborator can import content such as images, docs, pdfs, etc.

A Viewer can only see a VyewBook and can draw nothing. If a VyewBook is in SYNC mode, a viewer cannot even navigate within the VyewBook. If a VyewBook is in UN-SYNC MODE a Viewer CAN navigate pages.

Last Updated Oct 21, 2008

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