Help » VoiceNotes: Recording Audio into a VyewBook

VoiceNotes: Recording Audio into a VyewBook

VoiceNotes is a very easy way to record audio directly into a VyewBook for users to play back later. To do so, in your VyewBook (You must have collaborator rights or above):

  1. Select the Comment Tool (located in the left hand tool panel - it looks like a sticky note icon)
  2. Click on the page to post a Comment
  3. There will be a "speaker" icon in the upper right corner. Click it.
  4. Click the Record button and record you voice through your computer microphone.

Now when users click on that comment, they can play your recording back through their speakers.

If you are looking to import music from an MP3 file, go here.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2008

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