Uses for Vyew

Business Uses


  • Give sales presentations and product demos.
  • Do team selling – invite experts to answer customer questions.
  • Train field sales remotely.
  • Post estimates or contracts and walk through them with prospects and customers to get instant sign-offs on changes.


  • Drive sales leads by conducting webinars to targeted audiences.
  • Collaborate on marketing plans.
  • Conduct reviews of advertising campaign materials with your ad agency – save money by not having to handle review cycles face-to-face.
  • Post new marketing content for review and comments by your manager and executives – use Vyew’s filtering capability to easily see who added what.

Customer Service

  • Load support content and go over it with customers having trouble with your product.
  • Use Desktop Sharing to show customers how to solve a problem, or see what their problem is.
  • Bring in an off-site expert or a manager to assist with technical problems or quality concerns.

Engineering, Research & Development

  • Outsource and collaborate with developers or designers located across the globe.
  • Overcome cultural and language differences by using visual communication.
  • Review product iterations and leave detailed annotations regarding desired changes.
  • Keep a historical record of change requests or production status over time.
  • Load floor plans, 3D renderings, blue prints and pictures of progress made over time for review and comments


  • Share spreadsheets and financial data, models, and discuss “what if" scenarios.
  • Share financial results with executives and your investor relations team in advance of quarterly earnings releases.
  • Host a Web meeting with financial analysts covering your company’s financial performance.
  • Show accounts payable or receivable reports to help regional managers manage cash flow.
  • Post contracts or customer invoices and add comments to resolve payment disputes.
  • Educate employees regarding expense reports.

Human Resources 

  • Train new hires on corporate policies and laws that must be complied with.
  • Educate employees about employee stock purchase plans or changes to corporate policy.
  • Invite financial service providers to give your employees ‘lunch briefs’ about their products and services.
  • Ask recruiters to post resumes in for your review and ratings all in one place.

Vertical Business Uses 

  • Real Estate - put together rich property listings using a variety of content from different sources; hold virtual open houses; host first-time home buyer seminars; put together a portfolio of options for buyers to choose for viewings; ask home owners to post photos or screen captures from the web showing what they like
  • Insurance – upload pictures of damaged property, mark affected areas, and insert annotations for review by adjusters.
  • Medical/Dental – upload x-rays or scans for review by other specialists to help make a diagnosis; show patients having surgery anatomical diagrams of what’s wrong and what’s going to happen during surgery; insert diagrams of physical or occupational therapy exercises for patients to do at home
  • Property Managers – give guided tours to prospective tenants; annotate move-in/move-out pictures to explain why you are retaining a portion of their damage deposit
  • Programmers – load database diagrams and clearly mark column relationships; post code that won’t compile for assistance by peers; propose new architecture changes to make programs more scalable or perform faster
  • Electrical Engineers – load circuit board diagrams for review; post designs and component lists for vendors to bid on
  • Textiles – load proposed fashion designs for review and comment; host an online fashion show where you preview your wares to retailers; post outfits for customer or peer feedback on colors, fit and more
  • Transportation – load routes, directions, bills of lading, and invoices for review with suppliers or customers

General Uses

  • Have impromptu meetings with teammates while working on team projects.
  • Add visual communication to your daily instant message strings with teammates – get quick answers to questions and speed-up sharing of information.
  • Post iterations and solicit team feedback and keep a record of who contributed what.
  • Keep track of progress against task lists – post to-do lists and have teammates check-off what’s completed and post their completed work to integrate into the final project.

Page last updated: Oct 2010