Uses for Vyew

Educate and Train

Create and upload course content for real-time and anytime collaborative and active learning.


  • Host and online classroom for teaching to multiple students in real-time.
  • Use multiple "break out" rooms for students to work separately.
  • Post course syllabuses and worksheets for students to review and collaborate together.
  • Collaborate with peers and fellow professors and teachers over course material.


  • Tutor students remotely – use Vyew as a tool to generate more income from your experience and expertise.
  • Allow students to review their tutor sessions and post questions when you're not available


  • Work on group projects together – outline responsibilities, plan milestones, post your contributions for review, and comment on others’ work.
  • Post group project files in Vyew’s File Storage to ensure everyone has access to the latest version.

  • Students learn best by collaborating rather than by independently studying and passively listening to lectures or video. With Vyew, instructors can upload course material for real-time presentations and then students at any grade level can meet online and learn together. Since rooms can be opened indefinitely, Instructors can allow students to come in at their convenience.

    Vyew provides a multi-modal environment for education and training. Almost any content can be uploaded to or created in Vyew for a rich, interactive environment that includes interactive Flash learning objects, audio, video, graphics, presentations, spreadsheets and text.

    Sample Vyew Rooms
    Elementary School Creative Writing Assignment
    In this Vyew Room students are asked to review a set of images, come up with a story, arrange the images in a way that best reflects their story and write their story based on their arrangement of the images.
    Medical Education Application
    This Vyew Room contains multi-modal lab results and various scans that medical students can use to create a diagnosis. It also includes links to guidelines that help the students in their thinking and a space for them to include their summary report.
    Methods of Manufacturing Improvement
    This Vyew Room contains introductory material, announcements, assignments and solutions for a course on manufacturing improvement.

    Page last updated: Oct 2010